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Trench Hammer. WW1 fighting on the cheap $4.99
Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
by Tamás L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/06/2018 11:49:29

I purchased the rules after they were released as I wanted to have a WW1 game that did not require 100+ infantrymen for a standard battle (khm, WH:tGW), and this seemed to fit the bill. While I haven't played with other Nordic Weasel Games so far, but read rather good things about them, I was looking at these rules with high hopes, and they paid came true for the most part.

The game gives a quick and relatively hasslefree game for playing WW1 clashes between the forces of WW1 with mostly every troop type covered in the rulebook bar for some that would be really out of place (like heavy artillery). The special rules associated with them are logical and as far as my somewhat limited knowledge of WW1 go, accurate. However the rules are mostly aimed for the Beer and Pretzel type of players, as it was mentioned in the introduction, but there are indications of it throughout the book. Some rules are not crystal clear, but with applying the group's preferences, can be easily solved. Also, while we're at it, it's houserule friendly, as these rules are not overcomplicated - thus if you want to modify something, do it, it won't break the game or anything.

Overall we had a fun time playing the game, the 4/5 because of the moot nature of some rules. This ruleset will stay as my preferred WW1 ruleset for a while I think, with the scenarios described in the TFL expansion books.

Hopefully there will be some expansions with scenarios whether historical or just a random generator - knowing NWG and their products, the later could be likely, and will be good, especially if paired with a random force generator as well.

Well, what more can be said that at 5$ it's a really great value for gaming WW1 on a budget. Grab some Caesar and Revell Germans (if you can), some HaT heavy weapons, a box of HaT Canadians, and you have all the figures you might need for Trench Hammer.

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Trench Hammer. WW1 fighting on the cheap
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